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Worst Boss Ever!
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Is your boss a complete moron? You've come to the right place.


6/16/09, Tuesday - This community is brand new! So please tell all your friends there's a good place to vent about their crappy boss. We all look forward to seeing your post!

About us:

This community is for those who just cannot get over how irrational and dumb their boss is. Post all those things you'd like to say to them, but can't because you need the money. Tell everyone what that craptastic boss said or did today! Let it out before that moron's actions eat you alive. Tell us how irrational and completely hopeless your boss is.

Talk about older boss related stores. Did a boss from years ago totally shaft you? Haven't been able to get it off your mind since? Vent here!


[01] You may not hold LJ, this community, or it's moderator responsible for your boss running across your rant entries.
[02] Posts should relate to bosses only. No co-worker stories unless they directly pertain/relate to the boss story.
[03] You may post a picture of this horrible boss man/woman if you have one. Pictures no larger than 700x700pixils. More than two pictures should go behind an LJ cut.
[04] You may post promotions for other related communities, just be sure and run it by me first. Contact info. below.
[05] I would pretty much classify this community as NSFW (not safe for work). So be mindful of what you post. Those snoopy supervisors are everywhere these days. Look out for your own job safety.
This means you might not want to use specific names, job titles, or store/company names.

Contact the Moderator:

Do NOT contact me in my personal journal!
You can shoot me an email at laura_can_spell@hotmail.com if you have any questions. Just use the question form below:


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General Complaints:

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