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The Wicked Witch
inlovewithmyman wrote in worst_boss_ever

Let's just say my boss is not earning any points with me.  She has absolutely no ppl skills.   She has no idea how to talk to ppl or treat them.  On several occasions I've come to think that's she's bipolar.  It's my only explanation for her behavior.   If that's even an explanation.   So far 3 people have left the office because of her and another 4 are looking for new jobs including me.  We've tried to talk to the doctor that owns the business but he's told me in the past "I'll always back her up"   excuse me!   I just want to know how many good hard working ppl you plan on losing because of one person.   I know she's great with the book work and she's organized but she can't handle talkin to people.   At the beginning of the year my husband got sick and had to go to several doctor's appointments and a few ER visits all in one week.   I called her one day from the ER and told her it was lookin like he was going to need surgery.  She told me "Are you going to come back in today and finish up?"   Um.... NO!  seriously I've been told he's going to surgery and you want me to come back for 1 hour to finish up!!!  Excuse me. (He didn't need surgery after all.)  Then later that week after yet another phone call that he might need surgery anywas and he was going to see a surgeon that minute I told her I had to leave work.  She tells me "You've been leaving a lot lately..."  REALLY!!!!  Oh I'm sorry, since your 3 marriagies failed because apparently you have no heart but I like to be with my husband.  (As you can tell this still bothers me even after almost a year.)  Well let's just say I did not handle the situation very well and ending up saying something like "I can't f*****g talk to you about this s**t.  I have to go."  Now I didn't swear at her like call her a f-ing biotch, but I got written up and put on 6 month probation.  AND I had to write an apology letter.  Let me just tell you it was one of the greatest apologies very.  Almost had myself convinced I meant it.  Ever time I see her I like to play the theme music from the "Wizard of Oz" for the wicked witch.  I'm still waiting for the flying monkies.


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Wow, amazing how one person can make everyone's lives miserable, especially when their pathological behavior goes unchecked. If her boss had any stones at all he would at the very least tone her down.

I had someone just like that whom we called Darth Kimmy, aka the Red Queen (off with their heads!), aka Beelzebub. She got a woman to quit because the woman had the gall to take in her brother's child when her brother had the gall to die and needed to take time off. It was absolutely terrible how that situation inconvenienced Darth Kimmy. We developed the Darth Kimmy Humanitarian Award for sticking it to the orphan.

Your boss psycho sounds like a real winner. Hang in there and hope you find someplace better.

It's amazing to me how some people can disconnect themselves from humanity like that. If someone's spouse, parent, or child is very ill then they need some time to miss work to take care of them.

Your situation reminds me very much of my retail hell job.

I actually had a former boss call me 4 times on my honeymoon.

It must be nice to be so devoted to a job that you're willing to sacrifice everything including the ones you love... but not everyone is. And that should be understood.

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