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drombanegirl wrote in worst_boss_ever
Dear Former Boss,

You suck.

You are, by far, the worst boss I have ever had. You screwed me, C AND K over whenever you thought you could get away with it and some of the crap you pulled was ILLEGAL.

It is not ok ignore that much health and safety regulations. You don’t even need to go inside to see how bad it is. People have told me they won’t go in cause of how bad it looks! You smoke like a chimney, despite a smoking ban in all work places. There are holes in the ceiling. Its making the merchandise MOLDY. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! You wont let us take away the 2-3 walls of shoe boxes to open a window because ’the place will get robbed’. You know the back door downstairs? The one that doesn’t close? THAT is why you keep getting robbed. So let us breathe fresh air. We’ve earned it. And get rid of that damn wheely stand! It takes up far too much space and you never use it! You keep leaving it out in the hall, blocking the only door into the stockroom. That hallway is tiny! There is not enough space!

It is never ok to not PAY ME for weeks at a time, especially when I’m not even getting a fixed rate of pay, let alone minimum wage. You wonder why I was pissed all those times you blew me off? Probably not. Wouldn’t be surprised if that’s how you get your kicks. As for the crap you tried to pull with C’s pay check? Now THAT was stupid. Cutting part of her wages for ‘tax reasons’. And not being clear on what those reasons are. Did you really think that she wouldn’t go to the tax office to ask what was happening? Idiot.

It is not ok to treat us like total crap for absolutely no reason. So stop talking down to us in front of customers. It doesn’t actually make you look good in front of them.

If a bank holiday is coming up, and we have a day off college, and we ask you if you want us to come in that day, don’t tell us to call you in the morning to see if you need us! You know we don’t have a car and therefore need to organise a lift into work. I live a 30 min drive away! You know this! WHY?!!!!

It is not ok to lie to a potential employer who asks you if they should hire one of your employees. You cost C a really good job. That was the main reason you will never be put on my cv.

It is not ok to talk to new employees ,who have JUST started, about working full time so that you can fire me. I tolerated your shit back then but not after that. And that wasn’t even the only time! You kept dropping hints that you were training K to replace C. C ran that place for you, you lazy prick!

The stock room, the place you made us clean day after day. That will never be organised because WE COULDN’T MOVE AROUND THE ROOM PROPERLY. You have too much stuff. A lot of it is broken! DUMP IT! Most of those shoes are ugly and look older than me! Half of them are odd. Listen to what we tell you and get rid of them! At least get shelves! That will make it easier to sort them. And will result in a lot less employees having shoe boxes fall on their heads! And we write what is in the boxes of shoes ON THE BOXES. Stop ripping them apart to check whats in them! We all got sick of having to ask other shops for empty boxes to replace the ones you destroy real fast.

And the tea. Now I have no problem with you drinking tea in the shop. Whatever floats your boat. What I have a problem with is you sending one of us out once every hour to get you your tea. We have a kettle in the shop. Invest in a mini fridge and bring in your own tea and milk. You’ll only save €90 a day. That’s right. A DAY. And then there was your 20 purple silk cut, buying your lunch, doing your shopping, getting manuka honey for your son (who was never actually there), doing the lotto, depositing large amounts of money in the bank, collecting your dry cleaning, putting fliers through mail boxes etc…

This isn't even everything..... I'm so glad I quit.

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I know. Myself and a friend were seriously considering reporting him now that we're almost certain someone we're friendly with isn't working for him and would lose their job. But it's been a few years since I quit so I'm not sure if I'll be taken seriously.

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