The Wicked Witch

Let's just say my boss is not earning any points with me.  She has absolutely no ppl skills.   She has no idea how to talk to ppl or treat them.  On several occasions I've come to think that's she's bipolar.  It's my only explanation for her behavior.   If that's even an explanation.   So far 3 people have left the office because of her and another 4 are looking for new jobs including me.  We've tried to talk to the doctor that owns the business but he's told me in the past "I'll always back her up"   excuse me!   I just want to know how many good hard working ppl you plan on losing because of one person.   I know she's great with the book work and she's organized but she can't handle talkin to people.   At the beginning of the year my husband got sick and had to go to several doctor's appointments and a few ER visits all in one week.   I called her one day from the ER and told her it was lookin like he was going to need surgery.  She told me "Are you going to come back in today and finish up?"   Um.... NO!  seriously I've been told he's going to surgery and you want me to come back for 1 hour to finish up!!!  Excuse me. (He didn't need surgery after all.)  Then later that week after yet another phone call that he might need surgery anywas and he was going to see a surgeon that minute I told her I had to leave work.  She tells me "You've been leaving a lot lately..."  REALLY!!!!  Oh I'm sorry, since your 3 marriagies failed because apparently you have no heart but I like to be with my husband.  (As you can tell this still bothers me even after almost a year.)  Well let's just say I did not handle the situation very well and ending up saying something like "I can't f*****g talk to you about this s**t.  I have to go."  Now I didn't swear at her like call her a f-ing biotch, but I got written up and put on 6 month probation.  AND I had to write an apology letter.  Let me just tell you it was one of the greatest apologies very.  Almost had myself convinced I meant it.  Ever time I see her I like to play the theme music from the "Wizard of Oz" for the wicked witch.  I'm still waiting for the flying monkies.

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The two faces of Dave

In a previous position, I was helping a coworker on a long and difficult project when Darth Dave came in and said to my coworker:

"You've been working such long hours.  Go home and take care of your family...where is that reportIwantitNOW!?!"

By the end of the one breath run on sentence of his, he was screaming with red and puffy cheeks. 

This is just one of a thousand Darth Dave tales.

My boss... my phone...

Oh I forgot to tell you guys. When I was still working at the portrait studio: I took 4 days off for my honeymoon. JUST FOUR DAYS! And my boss... CALLED ME THREE TIMES!
Three times he interrupted my honeymoon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I seriously wanted to jump through the phone and punch him in the face.

My manager & his vagina pictures.

So I don't actually work for the portrait studio anymore. I started a new job a couple of weeks ago. So far so good. But I still keep in contact with my friend and former coworker from the portrait studio.

Apparently my former supervisor from this studio has pictures of some woman's vagina on his cell phone and has been flashing it at the photographers claiming, "I hit that last night."

Wow! Really professional. That can totally warrant a sexual harassment complaint.

Also, the company I worked for is facing a class action law suit from it's employees because they've basically forced people to work off of the clock. Which I can totally see because I've been forced to work off of the clock a couple of times at this place in order to clean the studio. They expect you to do these things on your own time. I never really saw how that was legal.

And to top things off my former manager also hired two people for a 21 hour a week job, and one of these people showed up to work and found the other there and didn't know what to do. She has three children to support.

Not to mention he's also been conducting what he's been calling "working interviews," where basically the person shows up, he makes them work and sell photo packages... and they're not even getting paid.

I may nominate this manager for man of the year. What a prick.


So for those of you who don't know. I have one good boss & one bad boss.

The good boss resigned. Great...

So now I'm stuck with bad boss, who continues to email us and parade her terrible grammar. She confuses "won't" with "want" a lot. Instead of, "I want to go to the market," we get "I WONT TO GO TO THE MARKET AND BUY A NEW BRAIN."

I "wont" her to die in a horrible car wreck.
Does this make me a bad person?

You can make a 45 minute trip in 15, right?

So, Let me start by saying that I work for CKE enterprises, which is who owns Carl's jr. Hardee's and all those, and have since mid march. I'm cashier, drive thru attendand and front line cleaner. I like it enoug, and my co-workers & managers are great, except for the general manager. Why? well, mostly because he's snippy, hormonal and inconsiderate. Here's an example of it firsthand, from thursday.

It's thursday afternoon and I'm on the other side of town from my work, which is where I live anyway. Mom needed help moving some things we had in storage, and wit me having the day off, I volunteered. Another thing that should be said: I don't drive, so it usually takes an hour to get there on bus and 30-45 minutes by car. I'm farther away from my house in the opposite direction from my work, when I get a call from my boss while my mom is getting the storage key. He was being kind've short and mentioned how I said I wanted more hours, which YES. I'd barely been getting 4 hour days 2 days a week. Knowing my request, he says he wants me to come in at 3pm. I look over at the dashboard at it reads 2:45.

He re-confirms and feeling pressured, I say yes. The last time I refused was in april when I had to wait for some medical documents to come in the mail for my mother. And then I start to get mad because when he hired me, he asked several times how I get to work, so he knows. Added to that, my work shirt is at home and barely in the dryer.

Calling the store, in hopes to instead reason with one of the other managers on duty, who are sane, reasonable and wouldn't murder me given the circumstances to being called in that day. Mostly because thry know to call you in the night before or at least 4-5 hours before they'd need you. Instead, however, I get my GM again who's not rushed and snippier than before. I do, however get him to relent to 3:30.

Explaining it all to my mom, we floor it back to the house, I throw on my uniform shirt, apron & hat, and then we speed in my mom's car all the way to my work, making it just a few minutes after 3:30. Stomach growling, I sprint in. My GM, who's talking casually upfront with his friend from somewhere else, he sees me and makes a snide comment abuout me being late, as he grabs his coat and leaves.

Now, granted, I've been getting ore time, another 4 hour day for this week, but still: worst boss EVER
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I answered the phone at work the other day. It was my boss calling for another employee.

Boss: "Why are you answering the phone Laura?"
Me: "I work here?"
Boss: "You shouldn't be answering the phone, go sell stuff."
Me: "Sorry I just happened to be back here and the other worker is busy. Just trying to help with customer service."
Boss: "I don't care about that. Go sell packages."
Me: "Did you know that you're a real cunt?"

Okay I didn't say that last part... but I thought about it.

(no subject)

I've worked for Radioshack for 3 years. I've been statistically the best damn sales person in every region i've worked in. I've made more sales as a part timer than any full timer or manager on the force. Yeah, I'm that damn good. [/gloat]

I've also been fired 3 times. The call has been made by ill-fitting store or district managers who see me as unfit to work. I don't follow the robotic sales tactics, I make my own. I can usually have you leave the store with a $100 bill when you just came in for a $2 battery. I've also quit 2 times because i got sick of managers demanding that I do better without acknowledging that I am performing the regional best.

Why am i stating all this?

Well, when I started this job, I found out it was more profitable and less work to be a associate then be a manager. After cutbacks took away ALL of our commishions and decreased our payrates AND cut raises for veterans... I stopped playing nice. They then came out with an 'Assistant manager' position, where you are an associate, who does manager work, till you become a manager after 6 months of training.

Some chick became one in my old store. When she started working, she went on a power trip about her title. She'd constantly get on my ass to pick up after her, and embarrass me before customers that I "work under/for her", which was bullshit. I almost punched her for that. She'd then turn around and ask me simple stuff about how to do this/that.

thing is, this was her first job. And 3 months in, she'd telling a 3 year outstanding veteran what to do and how to do it and that I 'work under her' to customers. i walked out. I told her to shove it, and that she was a stupid bitch.

The store closed, soon after I left, from ill sales. ironic.