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The two faces of Dave
alice_the_raven wrote in worst_boss_ever

In a previous position, I was helping a coworker on a long and difficult project when Darth Dave came in and said to my coworker:

"You've been working such long hours.  Go home and take care of your family...where is that reportIwantitNOW!?!"

By the end of the one breath run on sentence of his, he was screaming with red and puffy cheeks. 

This is just one of a thousand Darth Dave tales.

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Lol, is he bi-polar much?

I love that they always seem to want you to do a huge work load and do it all at one time, but when you need the extra hours to do it they've gotta yell about it.

And I also love how they try to pass themselves off as caring bosses. "Oh go home and be with your family." No! Say what you really mean: "Oh go home. I don't want you going into over time because I get paid extra as an incentive for not letting my workers work enough."

I also love how, at our office, executive management gets bonuses off of our work, but they can't even buy us donuts when they get it.

There's a new manager, who started off all smarmy, but I would have respected him more if he had just been honest and told us we were just insects to him. It's total Dilbertworld.

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