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My manager & his vagina pictures.
laura_can_spell wrote in worst_boss_ever
So I don't actually work for the portrait studio anymore. I started a new job a couple of weeks ago. So far so good. But I still keep in contact with my friend and former coworker from the portrait studio.

Apparently my former supervisor from this studio has pictures of some woman's vagina on his cell phone and has been flashing it at the photographers claiming, "I hit that last night."

Wow! Really professional. That can totally warrant a sexual harassment complaint.

Also, the company I worked for is facing a class action law suit from it's employees because they've basically forced people to work off of the clock. Which I can totally see because I've been forced to work off of the clock a couple of times at this place in order to clean the studio. They expect you to do these things on your own time. I never really saw how that was legal.

And to top things off my former manager also hired two people for a 21 hour a week job, and one of these people showed up to work and found the other there and didn't know what to do. She has three children to support.

Not to mention he's also been conducting what he's been calling "working interviews," where basically the person shows up, he makes them work and sell photo packages... and they're not even getting paid.

I may nominate this manager for man of the year. What a prick.

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