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You can make a 45 minute trip in 15, right?
pikapika217 wrote in worst_boss_ever
So, Let me start by saying that I work for CKE enterprises, which is who owns Carl's jr. Hardee's and all those, and have since mid march. I'm cashier, drive thru attendand and front line cleaner. I like it enoug, and my co-workers & managers are great, except for the general manager. Why? well, mostly because he's snippy, hormonal and inconsiderate. Here's an example of it firsthand, from thursday.

It's thursday afternoon and I'm on the other side of town from my work, which is where I live anyway. Mom needed help moving some things we had in storage, and wit me having the day off, I volunteered. Another thing that should be said: I don't drive, so it usually takes an hour to get there on bus and 30-45 minutes by car. I'm farther away from my house in the opposite direction from my work, when I get a call from my boss while my mom is getting the storage key. He was being kind've short and mentioned how I said I wanted more hours, which YES. I'd barely been getting 4 hour days 2 days a week. Knowing my request, he says he wants me to come in at 3pm. I look over at the dashboard at it reads 2:45.

He re-confirms and feeling pressured, I say yes. The last time I refused was in april when I had to wait for some medical documents to come in the mail for my mother. And then I start to get mad because when he hired me, he asked several times how I get to work, so he knows. Added to that, my work shirt is at home and barely in the dryer.

Calling the store, in hopes to instead reason with one of the other managers on duty, who are sane, reasonable and wouldn't murder me given the circumstances to being called in that day. Mostly because thry know to call you in the night before or at least 4-5 hours before they'd need you. Instead, however, I get my GM again who's not rushed and snippier than before. I do, however get him to relent to 3:30.

Explaining it all to my mom, we floor it back to the house, I throw on my uniform shirt, apron & hat, and then we speed in my mom's car all the way to my work, making it just a few minutes after 3:30. Stomach growling, I sprint in. My GM, who's talking casually upfront with his friend from somewhere else, he sees me and makes a snide comment abuout me being late, as he grabs his coat and leaves.

Now, granted, I've been getting ore time, another 4 hour day for this week, but still: worst boss EVER

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What an asshole.
I know what this feels like. When I was in college I worked at Burger King, ew... I know.
And I asked for more hours. However, I didn't realize this meant that I was supposedly "on call."
My boss kept trying to call me in right as I had a class to go to. I had to say no. Because well.. I guess I just value my college education more than a job at BK. I came into work one day my manager decides to make a comment about how I want more hours but don't seem to want to work.

People are stupid. Maybe if they'd give a fair 4 to 5 hour warning then maybe workers would be able to come in and cover for others more often.

YEP!!!! I agree with Laura an spell, there just are some real assholes out there (in the world). Just be careful b/c when they are that unclued about how their bad decisions and lack of insight materializes....they continue to find fault with you (sometimes on to the worst outcome possible).

Your boss is a jerk, and I'm not saying that cause I'm visiting this forum.

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