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mix_hyenataur wrote in worst_boss_ever
I've worked for Radioshack for 3 years. I've been statistically the best damn sales person in every region i've worked in. I've made more sales as a part timer than any full timer or manager on the force. Yeah, I'm that damn good. [/gloat]

I've also been fired 3 times. The call has been made by ill-fitting store or district managers who see me as unfit to work. I don't follow the robotic sales tactics, I make my own. I can usually have you leave the store with a $100 bill when you just came in for a $2 battery. I've also quit 2 times because i got sick of managers demanding that I do better without acknowledging that I am performing the regional best.

Why am i stating all this?

Well, when I started this job, I found out it was more profitable and less work to be a associate then be a manager. After cutbacks took away ALL of our commishions and decreased our payrates AND cut raises for veterans... I stopped playing nice. They then came out with an 'Assistant manager' position, where you are an associate, who does manager work, till you become a manager after 6 months of training.

Some chick became one in my old store. When she started working, she went on a power trip about her title. She'd constantly get on my ass to pick up after her, and embarrass me before customers that I "work under/for her", which was bullshit. I almost punched her for that. She'd then turn around and ask me simple stuff about how to do this/that.

thing is, this was her first job. And 3 months in, she'd telling a 3 year outstanding veteran what to do and how to do it and that I 'work under her' to customers. i walked out. I told her to shove it, and that she was a stupid bitch.

The store closed, soon after I left, from ill sales. ironic.

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It's probably not good to feel this way, seeing how I hate to see any stores closing these days...
But I'd probably have a little smile on my face over that one.

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